Daily Archives: March 19, 2009

A Canvas Cleared by Steel

Like Brooms of Steel
The Snow and Wind
Had swept the Winter Street —
The House was hooked
The Sun sent out
Faint Deputies of Heat —
Where rode the Bird
The Silence tied
His ample — plodding Steed
The Apple in the Cellar snug
Was all the one that played.

Emily Dickinson

March 19, 2009
1 Day to Spring
Forecast: 49 degrees and showers

Here is where my garden begins–the front of the house. (Southern Exposure) I can envision a little fence around the perimeter with some kind of climbing vine–maybe honeysuckle (?) growing over and making the yard a more private space. The piano sits in front of the big window, and I would like to be able to see outside–the two areas communicating to one another. There is a flowering plum there now.
The “Rock Heap”. If only these basalt rocks were gold–we’d be RICH. Instead, we harvest them for walls. The driveway is in a circle so we can get trailers turned around. Because of that, my husband has had to move this wall with the tractor, as we were running into it when hauling horses. That is where the “heap” look came from, and we need to rearrange them this Spring to make it look more tidy. Oh, we also need to bark and felt around it. And, there is another problem–we forgot to lay pipe down before we had the asphalt poured, so there is no way to get a sprinkler over to it. Hmmmm…..
One of two planters with Day Lilies.


The planters which will go out on the front patio. (Thyme)
The front patio my husband and I put it in the first summer. We took a break from finishing the basement and did this project in a weekend. We were getting tired of DIRT.
Eastern Exposure–side of house–EYE SORE. Look at all the things we need to cover up over there–and soften the rigidity of angles. I’m thinking Forsynthia–and Magnolia.
This is the back patio and where we really want to go WILD!! We want this space to be private and profuse.
And last, the little tulip I found growing in the yard refuse. We purchased a house, land, and a hole. And, filling up the hole or, really, CRATER, was much more difficult than we imagined. Neighbors brought their yard waste over and dumped it that first summer. The next Spring I found this beautiful friend growing in it. I hiked down and dug it up and brought it back to the house. I can’t wait to see if it comes up this Spring!! I’m really looking forward to seeing it again.
Is there something in your garden that you’re looking most forward to?