Royal Star Magnolia

Spring is the Period
Express from God.
Among the other seasons
Himself Abide,

But during March and April
None stir abroad
Without a cordial interview
With God.

Emily Dickinson, 844

April 8, 2009
Weather-Warm and Sunny 60’s

My dad came today and tested my soil for acidity since blueberries require acidic soil. This is a Ph Meter.



Also, my husband and my dad planted my Royal Star Magnolia tree. It’s little now, but eventually reaches 15′ tall, as an average, and 15′ wide. We planted it 12.5′ from the house. I had urged 7-10′, but my dad said you always underestimate the amount when trees are small, and then they eventually grow huge and you come to regret it.

Here is the Royal Star Magnolia-


I’m wondering, what does everyone know or remember about Magnolias? They seem like such a romantic tree with big blooms and fragrant flowers, and this Royal Star variety does well in cold climes–I REALLY love this tree.

6 responses to “Royal Star Magnolia

  1. I don’t really know too much about Magnolias except that they are so pretty in bloom. I agree with your Dad, it’s best to have the trees a little further from the house. We actually had to cut down a few that were much too close, causing mold on the roof and posing a threat if limbs should fall in a storm. Love your Magnolia there!

    • emilydickinsonsgarden

      Yes, in the end I had to concur with my dad. I’d hate to have to cut down this Magnolia some day. It has a sweet spirit.

  2. When I was a little girl growing up in the South, Magnolias were always a part of my environment. We even shopped on Magnolia St. The tree was also synonymous with large, shady plantations, and southern belles…it encompassed charm and grace.

  3. I so hope your magolia tree does well! My attempts have not been successful at planting them in my garden.

    I am a huge “Steel Magnolia” fan and this time last year, a friend and I went to Louisiana just to visit the filming sites and stay in the house where the movie was filmed.We just could NOT get over the size of the magnolias on their trees….as big as cereal bowls! We looked like complete idiots, running from tree to tree, picking as many as we could get our hands on! My husband actually sent me flowers while I was there and made sure it was the same woman who did the flowers for the movie. I digress, but whenever I see mentino of “magnolias” it just warms my heart! Hugs to you!!!

  4. emilydickinsonsgarden

    Oh no!! My little Magnolia might not make it?!? That would be tough for me. Did you plant the Royal Star Magnolia?

    I loved the movie, Steel Magnolia, too–but I haven’t seen it in a long, long time. I need to watch it again.

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