A Little Peek at the Flower Bouquet Give-Away!



Hey, I wish I could win this–but I’m disqualified! However, one of you CAN win it. Simply leave a comment on any blog entry from now until May 4th and you will be entered one time for every comment. Also, if you link to this site from yours and mention the give-away, I’ll enter you 3 times–but you need to stop by and tell me you did so.

After your name is drawn–and I will take pictures of this process–you can choose from one of the two arrangements above. (Please, take a picture and send it to me when it arrives!)

I want to thank Teleflora for contacting me and making this generous offer. They have a flower blog that you’ll want to check out that has tips on how to make arrangements, flower meanings, and much more. Teleflora’s Flower Blog.

I will say, if you plan to send an arrangement, go with a pro. My husband, who listens to talk radio, ordered my Valentine’s arrangement from the recommendation of one of the commentators (a discount website). It was a cheap price and they advertised 2 dozen roses, a teddy bear and chocolates!! Sounds great, right?!?

Uh, no. It arrived in a box–not a good sign–wilted flowers–dried out chocolates–and I had to arrange them. My husband was sad–because he’d wanted something nice and they had been really misrepresented!! Some of the flowers never even opened up–just wilted on the stem. 😦

Here is some information about Teleflora. I read this over, and I was impressed by their guaruntee, especially this part:

The Teleflora Difference

At Teleflora, we know that a truly exceptional gift of flowers relies on expertise and attention to detail. That’s why every gift from Teleflora is personally designed by a florist in your recipient’s neighborhood and arrives artistically arranged in a vase. This means that unlike other flowers shipped in boxes from one location, there’s no risk of damage or dehydration. Your gift of fresh, premium flowers will last longer and will arrive ready to be enjoyed. Every Teleflora gift is hand-delivered by an industry professional, in most cases, the day you place the order. The Teleflora difference means that you can send flowers with the confidence that you’re sending the best.

More Information:

* Our Mother’s Day flower arrangements are a great way to honor Mom and make her feel special. To see a preview, visit: http://www.teleflora.com/mothers-day-flowers/mothers-day-flower-arrangements-97452_97453c.asp .

* Teleflora is also running a Mom’s Shopping Spree Sweepstakes, which kicks off April 20. The grand prize is a $20,000 shopping spree; first and second prizes will be shopping gift cards.

* http://www.teleflora.com/abouttf.asp
About Teleflora

At Teleflora, we’re proud to have been connecting customers with the nation’s best florists for more than 70 years. All of our floral arrangements are professionally arranged by a local florist using only the freshest flowers available, and each gift is personally delivered in a vase – in most cases, the same day you place your order – to ensure that it arrives in premium condition, ready to be enjoyed immediately.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Teleflora has over 20,000 member florists throughout the U.S. and Canada, with an additional 20,000 affiliated florists outside North America. This extensive network, coupled with our commitment to exceptional customer service, means that when you send flowers from Teleflora, you can be confident that you’re sending the best.

The Teleflora Guarantee

Teleflora guarantees satisfaction with every gift order. If you are not completely satisfied with your gift bouquet or its delivery, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you prefer, you can call Teleflora directly at 1-800-835-3356. With a network of florists committed to hand-making bouquets using the freshest flowers available, Teleflora lets you send flowers with confidence. And since every arrangement is personally delivered, same-day delivery is available on almost every order.

31 responses to “A Little Peek at the Flower Bouquet Give-Away!

  1. That’s a sad experience with your Valentine gift. I was disappointed once with a gift I sent to Washington, D.C. It was late getting there as a birthday present and once it arrived, it were not as pictured.

    The flowers you are giving away look gorgeous.

  2. emilydickinsonsgarden

    It’s a hard lesson to learn–well intentioned people get jipped! So, I double-checked with the Tele-flora representative–just to be 100 percent sure that this isn’t something like that–and she said absolutely it is prearranged–that’s ALL they do. So, I’m confident these will be beautiful flowers–and hopefully, the winner will take pictures and let us all see them!!

  3. Probably paid advertising on the radio…poor husband. Congrats on this pretty blog and your new found enthusiasm for gardening!

    • emilydickinsonsgarden

      Hi Tracey! Nice to see you made it over here! I am enthused about gardening–it’s new for me in some ways because I’ve always inherited the hard work of others (I’ve always bought older homes). So, you could say, I’ve always had an APPRECIATION for beautiful landscaping, but not the deep connection you get from researching it, reading about it, shopping for it, planting it, etc. My thing used to be herbs. I’ve left a long trail of them in my old homes–especially Thyme. I LOVE Thyme–love it, love it, love it! It has a pretty flower and you can EAT it, for goodness sake.

  4. Beautiful flowers there … and what a nice tie-in with your blog gardening theme.

    • emilydickinsonsgarden

      I agree. I’m a BIG fresh flower fan and those are pretty. The picture in my avatar of the flower arrangement–that is the one my husband sent me for Valentine’s–after we’d (my husband and I) gone out and bought a whole bunch of fresh flowers to add to it–roses, lilies, baby’s breath–etc. When I was done with it, it didn’t look half bad–but of course, it wasn’t the original arrangement either! Isn’t that called “making lemonade from lemons”? 🙂 I LOVE to get arrangements at the door, but if none are coming (which they rarely are) I keep an ongoing one of my own.

  5. Great idea! I will post a link on my garden blog, too! Have fun!

  6. Okay, Linda…I did a link to your site on my garden one:
    http://desertgardenpd.blogspot.com/ I hope you get a lot of responses! I’m looking forward to that May 4 drawing! (tee hee!)

  7. Teleflora Rocks! I send out flowers every year at Christmas to some of the family instead of a ‘normal’ gift. I don’t know what they want, but everyone always loves flower/plants anytime! They get a beautiful decoration for the holidays and I don’t have to go to the mall. Win/Win LOL! And the flowers/plants/arrangements are never anything but beautiful when I’ve used Teleflora. And, like your hubby I tried an unknown one year and was very disappointed. I always go with someone I know and trust from now on.

  8. That’s a beautiful bouquet!

  9. Beautiful flowers! I’d love to enter.

  10. Flowers can really lift a spirit. I love flowers and I love to suprise a friend or relative with flowers, especially if it’s totally unexpected. One of life’s special gifts. A beauty from above.

    • emilydickinsonsgarden

      Yes, they are–there’s nothing like unexpected flowers to brighten your perspective! Nice that you give them as gifts!

  11. Great flowers.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Wow both of those bouqets are gorgeous! So sorry about your valentine’s gift. That’s happened to me too! Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. I had a disappointment with a nationally known flower service. My Valentine mini rose bush arrived in a box. I had to pot it myself in the pot they sent. It looked nothing like the picture on the website and it died very quickly.

    These arrangement look very pretty.

    • emilydickinsonsgarden

      That’s horrible–but very close to my own experience. What’s sad is that sometimes you send flowers from out of state–to funerals or anniversaries–Thanksgiving–Christmas–and you never see them yourself. What if they showed up like that?!? Ahhhh! It would be horrible.

  14. I love the arrangement on display. The different colored roses accented with the leaves. You’re right, it does take a lot of care to successfully send a bouquet of this nature to a friend or loved one. However, because of florists like you, people receiving them enjoy what is advertised. There won’t be a dry mom’s tear in the room if she receives a gift like this!

    • emilydickinsonsgarden

      Yes, I agree–any mom would LOVE to receive a bouquet like this…hint, hint–if my husband is reading this!!

  15. Isn’t that just the worst… My mother grew roses in the backyard garden and ooo they were beautiful.. Couldn’t help but think that I had prettier roses in the back yard everytime a boyfriend brought flowers for me… Sorta like the ones your poor husband got… they were just poor lil’ wilted things just so sad looking…

  16. Thank you for the giveaway! My husband also tried a similar thing for V day – it showed up several days late and most of the roses were brown…I prefer a $10 bouquet from the grocery store anyway!
    I also wanted to say I enjoyed your blogging on the columbine flower – I didn’t post on there but I wanted to let you know. We have them growing wild like crazy in our yard and I hate pulling them up but I’ve seen at least 50 already this year that are everywhere in my flower garden. Starting a garden from the wild is not as easy as I thought!

    • emilydickinsonsgarden

      I like the store bought, too. That’s what I buy for myself and I just take the old out and switch for new–alternating. They last a long time. That’s interesting that the Columbine are growing like that in your yard! I didn’t realize they spread so well.

  17. Beautiful bouquet. I would love to win that and send it to my daughter. Thanks.
    I blogged about your giveaway. http://alittleoftheother.blogspot.com/

    • emilydickinsonsgarden

      Thanks, Ellie–you get entered 4 times! I wish you luck. 🙂 Stop back by periodically to leave comments for more entries and just to say hi!

  18. Stunning…Hoping to win!!!

  19. Oh, how pretty — I usually buy flowers in person, as I am leery of doing it by computer, but if Teleflora’s good, I’ll have to try that! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  20. Thanks for posting this. I am always wondering who the best delivery service is.. I have had some bad experiences too. And it’s so disappointing …when they get there and they are dead or whatever. I haven’t tried Teleflora yet but will next time 😉

  21. too bad they aren’t just greens and offwhites! I’d enter a million times…I’m getting married at the end of may and worried we’ll run out of money before it’s time to buy the flowers. lol (we’re doing it debt free and with cash- so there’s not credit card to run to when we’re out of money we’re out!) Otherwise I’m not a huge fan of cut flowers- they just die. 😦 I like them in the ground alive! My fiance buys be potted plants instead of flowers and I couldn’t love him more because of it. I do like this blog though and your beautiful mustang blog!

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