Late April Garden

Morning-is the place for Dew
Corn-is made at Noon-
After dinner light-for flowers
Dukes-for setting sun!

Emily Dickinson

April 24, 2009
Weather: After a sunny, warm week, the cold weather has returned–low 30s in the morning–50’s in the day. Sun is shining. No rain since we planted the hay.

Things are going well on our back project. We got everything planted, felted, and barked. (The truck won’t be there permanently!)


The little Magnolia tree just burst out with blooms. Isn’t it sweet?


I planted new Honeysuckle in planters, but I’m hoping to transplant them into a sunny spot over a fence soon. (First, a fence must be installed).

Honeysuckle, according to my book, The poetry of Flowers, means “the bonds of love”. If you’ve ever grown it, you know how it wraps around whatever it is near.

Marta says in her book, Emily Dickinson’s Gardens, that Emily and Vinnie would spend time training it around their arbor.


I’m also starting to plant the pots with flowers, like these Geraniums. I hope that wasn’t premature, considering we got a frost last night.


Here is an herb you may want to consider for Mother’s Day. Cinquefoil.


From The Poetry of Flowers:

“Parental Love: Cinquefoil. In rainy weather, the leaves of this plant incline themselves over its flowers, forming a kind of canopy, or parapluie. It is gratifying to see a tender mother watching with anxious care the unfolding of a beloved daughter’s mind and character.

When love rejects and friends forsake,
A parent, though their heart may break,
From that fond heart will never tear
The child, whose last retreat is there.

Ellen Fitzarthur.”

Do you know of any plants that may be well-suited for a Mother’s Day gift–a sweet reminder that will return year after year?

12 responses to “Late April Garden

  1. Wow! I can’t believe how good your flower beds turned out! The walls you built look really professional. Are you going to put sod in the middle area where the bench is or pavers?

    • emilydickinsonsgarden

      Thank you. Actually, we decided to pour concrete since it’s circular. There is already concrete, so it will probably match better, too. And, we want to put a hot tub in over to the West–which will need a platform. Hopefully, the bushes will grow fast and create a sort of Eden of privacy back there. šŸ™‚

  2. Your pictures are lovely! We also just got frost last night so I have yet to plant anything although my daffys are beautiful, my tulips are of course happy to be alive and my fruit trees are flowering wonderfully!

    I tend to buy my mother and mother-in-law roses for Mother’s Day. They both adore growing them and it seems like each year, they lose one or two after the harsh winter, so they love getting a new one each spring.

    I love your poetry about a parent’s love. A family we know just lost their son to suicide this past Tuesday and your quote about broke my heart for them.

    Have a wonderfully sunny weekend, I hope! I am in the Pacific Northwest but am not sure where you are located…??? I’ll snoop around your site to see if I can find out.

  3. Well, I did see that you also are in the Northwest…how fun! I am in Eastern Washington near the Idaho/Washington border and about 2 hours south of Canada. It’s lovely here today…hope it is where you are also! Oh, and I did post a link on my site about your flower giveaway (shameless plug for more entries for me…!!)

  4. emilydickinsonsgarden

    Michaele–thank you for the link! I am also near the Idaho/Washington border in Eastern WA–actually, Spokane, WA. I think we are very close, and yes, I am also enjoying some sunshine! It doesn’t look like a lost anything with last night’s frost. šŸ™‚

    I feel horrible about the suicide you write about. I have teenagers and I would DIE if that happened. My heart breaks for that family.

  5. I love those stone walls in the top photo. Did you build them? They close in the sitting area there so nicely! We plant geraniums in pots too, but I don’t dare start till May. If they predict frost, you can always cover them I guess, or move them to a sheltered area. And interesting “rain wait” going on here. Isn’t it always the way? With us, it’s grass seed. Overseed the yard, and a drought is sure to come! Have a great weekend.

  6. I love this poem. It has special meaning for me.

  7. Oh my gosh! I live in Spokane, too!!!!! I live near Audubon Park in the northwest part of town!

    • emilydickinsonsgarden

      How cool! Sounds like we live pretty close! So, you know the weather I’m dealing with very well. I think I lost my Bleeding Hearts over the weekend–and maybe my Geraniums. I’ll have to do an inventory and find out what else. šŸ˜¦

  8. I’m trying to do my first container garden this year. I am amazed at the joy I feel. I think the joy you feel about your garden is infectious.

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