Countdown to the Giveaway

I’m getting the give-away ready this morning–counting all those entries and putting them in a container to be drawn. To be fair, I said I’d have someone else do it and take a picture. So, the person drawing will be my husband when he has some free time around 11:30.

This weekend, we planned and purchased all the the equipment for our Sprinkler System. Grand total so far, $1,600. This will be front, back and sides. We’ll also have to build more retaining walls and create some bark or rock pathways around the house.

You know the little alcove we created in the back–the area where we planted all the bulbs and the Japanese Maple? We bought a firepit for that area this weekend–$79.00 at Lowes–and the men and grandchildren went out on the 4-wheelers to bring back wood for a wonderful bonfire. Everyone sat back there in that newly planted space and relaxed.

What a sweet area! And, those Tulips and Daffodils…wonderful! I LOVE bulbs!

Also during the weekend, I took the ladies YARD SALING! One of the sales we found was raising money for rescued pets. It was put on by an Agronomist from WSU who was selling starts directly from her yard. I purchased a Peony, Hydrangea, Bleeding Hearts and Irises from her, and I need to plant those this morning. Our daughter purchased some well-started strawberries.

Do you remember the Bleeding Heart I thought was dead? Well, there is some new growth around it now….hmmmm…maybe not dead?

More later–hopefully pictures, too–and the winner of the Teleflora Bouquet Drawing. No more comments will apply to that drawing, but all new comments will apply to the next give-away–one of the books this blog is based on–Emily Dickinson’s Gardens, by Marta McDowell. It’s a great resource for gardeners and lovers of poetry!

More later….

2 responses to “Countdown to the Giveaway

  1. Fingers crossed…both for your bleeding heart and the drawing! I transplanted peonies that I planted from my grandmother’s garden to my own several years ago but were not in a good place. Hopefully there was nothing special I needed to do when transplanting them as I will be heartbroken if I killed them….any expeience with peonies?

    • emilydickinsonsgarden

      I haven’t had experience with peonies, but I will soon! I’ll have to do a little research about them and update the blog specifically toward a discussion of peonies. I feel like I’m doing a marathon gardeners education as I hurriedly plant all these flowers! And, it’s so sad to lose them when you have such HIGH hopes!

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