The Winner of the Teleflora Bouquet Give-Away

Fame is a bee.
It has a song-
It has a sting-
Ah, too, it has a wing.

Emily Dickinson (year 1898, #1763)

We have a winner…but first I want to say that because this blog is visited by old friends, new friends and family, I wanted someone else to choose the winner while I photographed the process. And, I also want to add, that I’m starting another give-away for the book Emily Dickinson’s Garden by Marta McDowell–a book which, if you have not read, you will love, and if you have read, and you win it, would be a good one to give someone else as a gift. So, in two weeks we’ll choose another name for that.

Now for the winner…

First, there were the names.


Then there was the drawing.


Then there was the winner.


If you can’t read my writing, you don’t win! (Just kidding) Congratulations, and thanks to all who entered! We’ll look forward to a picture of that bouquet sometime in the near future!

Here is what’s growing in the garden.

Maybe this is the Bleeding Heart coming back to me.


And the ferns are shooting up…


The tulips have opened….



they look fantastic among the Daffodils.


Spring can’t hide from us (here in Zone 6) much longer! May is going to force it out!

How is the weather in your Zone?

2 responses to “The Winner of the Teleflora Bouquet Give-Away

  1. Congratulations to Becka!

  2. Congrats to Becka, what a pretty bouquet she’ll receive! Weather here? A week of showers predicted, with not much sunshine until the weekend. Tomorrow high temps only in the 50s! Sometimes it feels like it’ll be one of those years when it goes straight from winter into summer.

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