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I like to think of this next drawing as a “book share”, though you don’t have to return the book. There’s nothing like sharing a great book with a friend, especially when you know how much joy it will bring them.

Marta McDowell’s book is one of these. It’s one of the books that really inspired me to plant a symbolic garden–a garden where a flower was more than just a flower. I call it my poetic space, and I will refer to her book over and over, season after season, as each one of these plantings takes on deeper and more profound meaning in my life.

Here is my book:




I wasn’t much of a gardener before this. The only thing I had real experience with were herbs and roses–a few shrubs, ferns and hostas. There was one rose in particular that I loved most of all, and I’m not sure its name, but it had big pink, fleshy petals–a huge rose. We’d planted our last son’s placenta underneath it after his birth, and that rose flourished!

I had lived in that house for about twelve years, and it saw all of my children as infants, so I drive by it a lot even today–mostly because of the plantings there–and memories. I planted flowering plum, lilac, rose, thyme, and others, which I can still see from the road without stalking the new owner too much.

Is there a special home in your own life–one that brings a wealth of memories?

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4 responses to “Book Share

  1. I have a garden memory in the house we lived in before this one. We lived there for 16 years, so our children spent most of their childhood there. Anyways, I started my girls on planting their own flower garden when they were very young, having them pick the flowers of their choosing in a small patch of the yard. For a couple of years, they chose impatiens for a shady spot, and then wanted them planted in the shape of a large heart, which we did, and proceeded to have a living floral Valentine all summer long!

    • emilydickinsonsgarden

      Joanne–that is WONDERFUL!!! I love that idea of a flower Valentine. You have implanted poetry in your daughters. What a gift!!

  2. What a great idea, a poetic space! I may have to do a similar themed garden someday. I’ve just finished planting my large perennial bed so I’m in need of ideas for another garden! I think it should have a nice cozy place to sit and read and enjoy the flowers.

    • emilydickinsonsgarden

      Jennifer, you found me! Yay! I’m so loving your blog right now with all the gardening pictures!!! Your new camera has done you well. I have been a somewhat fan of Emily Dickinson, but really came alive to her after watching the play, The Belle of Amherst, at our local community theater, Interplayers. When I realized she was a gardener and so much of her poetry revolved around the natural world, I was “there”, as they say. This book is GREAT!! There is another by Judith Farr that I also use–and an old 1850s book called The Poetry of Flowers which I’ve blogged about, too. It’s actually available FREE through Google books! Someone took the time to scan every page! You might want to check that one out since you have such a love for gardening and art!

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