I Survived Winter 2009

I hate cold
Don’t love rain
Temps below 40
Are are a blankety-blank pain!

Emily Dickinson’s Garden, 2009

As you’ve noticed, I’ve been gone for some time. What have I been doing in my garden? SURVIVING!

The “poem” above sums up the last couple of weeks. How would Emily have written it? How about this?

Cold–I hate
Don’t love–Rain
Weather–below 40

Ummm…don’t think she would have written this poem.

More and more, I’m beginning to see why she loved her Conservatory. I’ve been begging my husband, if we ever have an extra–$30,000 or so–sitting around, build me a glass solarium off the house. Winters are brutal.

The weather is beautiful now, but what got me through the bad days were the bulbs. Those darling Daffodils and Tulips–Hyacinths—so brave against the cold! I could look out my window anytime and see them cheery as could be in their places–no matter how windy or foul the weather.

I did an accounting and looks like everything made it, except the Geraniums–oh, and my “purple grass”. I think I was a little premature planting that. Somehow I got it in my head that Spring came a couple months ago when we had those first nice days. Silly me!

This weekend we start the Sprinkler System–we have all the parts and are ready to go. I’ll have lots of pictures to post by Sunday!

Until then, Happy Gardening–and I haven’t forgotten the book giveaway!

3 responses to “I Survived Winter 2009

  1. Oh, too bad about the geraniums! We just planted several pots with geraniums this past weekend. We included a plant you might like as an accent plant in the pots, I’ve never seen this plant before this year. It’s called “Pony Tails” and is a small decorative grass type plant that looks like a real pony’s tail! (The ticket also calls it Mexican Feather Grass). It looks great in the pots with the flowers, grows about 12-18 inches high. Very pretty!

  2. emilydickinsonsgarden

    Good for you!! I’m going to try Geraniums again this week. I think they’ll be safe now. I really like the decorative grass, so I’ll look for the Pony Tails, too. It sounds like we have similar weather, Joanne.

  3. Sending some warm weather wishes your way!

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