Monthly Archives: June 2009

Winner of Book Give-away!

Congratulations to Joanne of Whole Latte Life, who has won my belated book-giveaway! I’ll get in contact with you to arrange shipping. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have–which is “a whole latte’!” (as you would say!)

As for my garden, it is still in holding motion, so I haven’t felt the poetry lately. The sprinkler system was put on hold for company and I’m trying hard to keep everything alive by hand. Not an easy task.

We’ve lost 3 Plum trees, 2 Poplar and 1 Willow. However, the Bleeding Heart came back! It’s thriving.

Sad news. We won’t be getting a hay crop in this year. The Extension Agency recommends we spend the Summer and Fall getting the weeds under control and fertilizing. Farming can be a hard way of life until you get the land back to a healthy state.

How are your gardens coming along?