I Love Dahlias

Summer laid her simple Hat
On its boundless shelf-
Unobserved-a Ribin slipt,
Snatch it for yourself.

Summer laid her supple Glove
In its sylvan Drawer-
Wheresoe’er, or was she-
The demand of Awe?

So in her cotton dress, Emily would don a gardening bonnet and go out to work in her summer garden. She was pleased with her flowers and the relatively few demands they made.” (McDowell, p108, Emily Dickinson’s Gardens).

I’m pleasantly surprised to see how little work it takes to maintain a garden if you do a little bit everyday and provide lots of water. And the return is so great.

The Dahlias were planted on the East side of the house among the Forsythia, and they have turned out beautifully. What a pleasure to look at.

dahlias 2

The earwigs really did like them–as I’d read. I had to sprinkle earwig powder around the base a few times.

dahlias 4

Other than that, they just needed water and sunshine.

dahlias 3

However, in late Autumn when their foliage dies, Marta does say we need to dig them up and preserve them in peat moss in a dark place that does not get below 35 degrees. Where will that be?

dahlias 1

Some of my other pleasant surprises?

The Magnolia tree is thriving.

The herbs have all flourished: Dill, Thyme, Lavender, Rosemary, Mint, Basil and Oregano. (My favorite summer appetizer is now a small piece of toasted bread–like sour dough or some other artisan bread–cut in small squares–cream cheese spread–torn fresh basil–sliced tomato–and salmon (optional)

Daisies. I Love daisies.

Black Eyed Susans–just planted a bunch of them and they’re a great backdrop for purple flowers.

Geraniums–I found a perennial Geranium this year.

Grasses–I’ve planted a number of grasses that provide texture to the flower garden. Most of the grasses I chose are perennial and can survive our cold temps.

This is just naming a few flowers and plants that have given pleasure to my summer days.

What plants do you love?

One response to “I Love Dahlias

  1. Even I love Dahlias. You have posted wonderful picture of flowers that is appreciated.

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