Monthly Archives: February 2010

Is My Forsythia Dead?

Remember my last year’s plan for the east side of the house?

I planted a Royal Star Magnolia with white blossoms in front, with a back-splash of yellow Forsythia.

However, my well-laid plans may not materialize. I went out to check the Forsythia, which should soon be in bloom, and the branches are dry. I snapped off several and not a bit of life in there!

Are they dead?

The Royal Star Magnolia, however, is doing its job. It survived our mild winter and is budding out.

Hmmmm….I may have to run to the store and plant new Forsythia bushes if I’m to reap the beautiful harvest of my ’09 green dreams. In particular, I think I’ll look for the variety, Meadowlark, which grows 8-10 feet tall.