Tulips in Early March?

Remember Emily’s poem, These are the Days When Birds Come Back? Well, apparently, because of our early spring, these are also the days when the tulips push up.

Confession: I didn’t plant any crocus last year! I went back over my entries this morning (in this blog–wow, memory lane!!) and I did not plant crocus. After reading Jennifer’s blog, I was starting to seriously wonder if the voles had eaten my underground garden, but apparently, I just didn’t plant a big enough one!

I’m on a quest–I want crocus and snowdrops. I will not be deterred this year. How did I let it slip by?? How did I forget to order the bulbs?

Here is Emily’s poem about tulips as I sit and contemplate the early spring and the possibility of flowers on this foggy, 54 degree day in Zone 6. The Royal Star Magnolia is budding, the Sand Cherry is developing fine little tips, and the tulips push up from the ground:

She slept beneath a tree-
Remembered but by me.
I touched her cradle mute-
She recognized the foot-
Put on her Carmine suit
And see!

(15) The early years of Emily’s life

2 responses to “Tulips in Early March?

  1. Tulips already? Wow! It’ll be many weeks before we see tulips here! But our temps are warming up, mid-50s tomorrow. It’ll feel good to take a long walk without ear muffs! Have a nice weekend …

  2. emilydickinsonsgarden

    You’re like us–mid-50’s. I can’t believe we’re getting tulips. What a winter! You have a great weekend, too, Joanne!

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