Bulbs Come Forth

Spokane, WA

High 46
Low 40

Raining, raining, raining

Mark your calendars, this is the week the bulbs came forth. The grass also, started to turn green again.

(Our box of bulbs from Blue stone Perennials–they came four months after we ordered them, in perfect time for fall planting.)

Last fall we planted Double Poet’s Narcissus, Mt. Hood Narcissus, Firefly Crocus, Whitewell Purple Crocus and Snowdrops. I see some of them coming up, but I can’t remember exactly where I planted each one. Kind of exciting!

Doube Poet’s Narcissus

Mt Hood Narcissus

Firefly Crocus

Whitewell Purple Crocus

Snowdrops (I haven’t seen them yet. Should they have already come up? Did the voles get them?)

2 responses to “Bulbs Come Forth

  1. I can’t believe it’s time for your garden blog already! We have to replace a few shrubs this Spring that the heavy snow destroyed, splitting a couple of them right down the middle :/

    Your flowers look beautiful, I hope you’ll take pictures when they all bloom.

  2. emilydickinsonsgarden

    You guys did have a horrible snow this year, didn’t you? It’s amazing that it destroyed your shrubs!!

    I don’t have anything I have to plant, but I did buy a large variety of Dahlias just because I love them. Other than that, I think there’s one last little planter and then we get to watch everything emerge. I love spring!

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