Update on the Sunroom Project

The conservatory project, sun room addition, is moving a long quickly and just in time for the bad weather that has moved in. Spokane is cold from October to June, what better place to have an indoor/outdoor room for my flowers.

The rest of our windows should arrive today via UPS. There are 9 of them. I’ve also ordered 4 antique windows from a 1904 home in Lower Michigan that will go across the front. I found them on eBay–my favorite site for all things hard to find.

I’m looking now for a used wood stove that has a glass front so I can heat the room during the winter with a real wood fire. Since this is an indoor/outdoor room, it will be very easy to bring one in and cut a hole for the vent before we add the siding.

I’ve been very surprised at how easy an addition like this is to do yourself. We also extended our deck which made it more expensive and time-consuming, but if we’d only done the sunroom, it would have been finished long ago. The requirements for a “porch” type addition like this are minimal. You do need to pour a foundation around it if you want to protect glass windows from being broken as the ground contracts with cold and heat, but that was relatively simple and fast. And, almost everything you need to know you can find on Youtube.

I highly recommend an addition like this for anyone who lives in a cold climate and wants to enjoy their garden year-round. The sky is the limit on how you can design it.

3 responses to “Update on the Sunroom Project

  1. Hey Linda, it’s good to see you in the blogroll again, hope all is well and Happy Fall to you 🙂

    What a beautiful addition you’re building. I’d be so interested in seeing more posts on its progress, because wouldn’t I love having an addition like this. But I’d never have the nerve to d-i-y! Kudos to you, you’ll really enjoy this space, I’m sure.

  2. emilydickinsonsgarden

    Hey Joanne–I’ve been enjoying fall and finishing up projects like this–and a few others I’ll write about soon. Hope you had a great vacation, too.

    I’ll add more pictures and thoughts on the addition in the coming weeks. Hopefully, it will give others (and maybe you?) ideas about how they can do it, too. The ceiling was the most challenging part, but there are a couple ways you can go about it–all cheap. I think it will end up being our favorite space during winter.

  3. v. good idea
    this sounds amazing…looking forward to reading/seeing more of it!

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