Sunroom Addition

When my husband and I purchased our home almost five years ago, we bought a house in a field–no grass, trees, fences, gates, barns…nothing. The basement was just a concrete slab. Since then we’ve done all those things with the help of our kids.

When we toured the house, before buying it, we walked out on a very small deck and looked at each other and said–this will be one of the first things we change. Four and half years later, we finally got started.

Living through the cold Spokane winters, springs and falls, changed our dream even further. We started to imagine what life would be like with a sunroom–a place we could go during windy, rainy, snowy days and still experience our flowers and the outside. But it seemed like a very far off dream.

Luckily for us, that turned out not to be the case. My husband started to think it through and talk to others, and he realized he could do it himself…with the help of our sons–mostly his youngest, and to a smaller extent because of his other commitments, my youngest son…and YouTube.

Here are photos of the progression.

There’s still much more finish work to be done, but we’re almost there.

2 responses to “Sunroom Addition

  1. Wow, wow, wow! You are going to love that space. Can’t you just imagine having a coffee in that room on a snowy winter morning? Beautiful! If your family is ever looking for a construction side-job on the east coast, let me know!

  2. emilydickinsonsgarden

    haha…let’s see if our room stands first–you may change your mind. 😉 But yes, we have imagined sitting in there with our coffee watching the snow fall many, many times. We talk about it together a lot. My husband and I are really like kids in a candy store, as they say, when it comes to dreaming about our house and our lives.

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