Emily Dickinson’s Original Work: See It Online

The miracle of the internet is that I can sit in my home conservatory in Spokane, Washington and, at the same time, visit the Harvard Library in their private vault, and view Emily Dickinson’s Herbarium.

Emily Dickinson’s collection is housed at the Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University, in their
vault. Unfortunately, much of the collection is only available to students and faculty of Harvard without special permissions. I’ve applied for special permission to view them online, but will have to wait to hear back. Emily’s brother, Austin, attended Harvard Law School and they now hold all rights to the publication of these documents.

If you don’t want to wait for permission, you can order them in a book form, with translation, by R.W. Franklin $244.00 for a beautiful two-volume set. here. This book is on my wish list. Until then, I plan to check it out from our local university.

Unfortunately, the book, Emily Dickinson’s Herbarium, is only available at the campus an hour and a half away. It is also available for sale through Amazon or Harvard Books and through the Harvard Library, online, with no restrictions (see link below).

For today, I’ll be perusing these online resources, and I’ve added links so you can, too.

The fascicles as well as poems on loose sheets: Click here to view Emily Dickinson’s poems in her own hand-writing. Access Restrictions. (If you’d like to print them out, they will compile them as .pdf and send it to your email.)

Emily Dickinson’s Herbarium: 1839-1846 click here to see the image file. No access restrictions. (Available for .pdf conversion and print at home.)

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