Magnetic Poetry Board

In designing my new office–a place where I can store all my beloved books and house my piano and music, a place to sit and write, or think, or relax, or look out the window at our horses–I decided I also wanted a magnetic poetry board. I had this blank space right above my desk that was just perfect for it. I love words–what better art than word art?

I told my husband my idea and, as always, he was right there with me. He understood it and was excited to help me make it.

So, off to Home Depot–a place where we spend a lot of our time, but reap the rewards of sun rooms, decks, barns, fences…and on and on. We LOVE to create, build and dream together, and Home Depot is OUR store.

Here are some of the tools laid out for the job. My space is long and narrow, 20″x48″, so we cut the paneling as a back, the metal flashing (for roofs) to go over it, and then the molding strips (minus the 2.5 inches for the rosettes at each corner).

Next, we used liquid nails to adhere the metal to the wood backing and the molding and rosettes to the metal.

We placed a number of heavy objects on it to hold it down, then left it to dry for 24 hours.

Something not seen here is my mistake. I used a wood primer on the metal, but found out quickly it scratched right off. I removed it all with a plastic scraper and used automotive spray paint instead–two coats of primer and two coats of the burgundy color and I let that dry in the sun for a day.

When installing it, my husband used dry wall anchors on four spots. He had to recess the screws into the wood and I came back and painted them black when he was finished. It’s now very, very sturdy.

And all of us have begun composing poetry!

My happy spring picture
see through concrete breathe thunder
listen window mouth
between goddess & woman blossom
soul petals yummy admonition
she explores morning mushrooms reveals eternity

It may not make sense, but it sure is fun.

Now my office is complete. It’s me. It’s perfect for me. It beckons me in. (It beckons everyone in.)

4 responses to “Magnetic Poetry Board

  1. Love it! I’ve never seen one of these before. What an inspiring piece of art, always encouraging creativity. Even a few words at a time, fun!

    • emilydickinsonsgarden

      I’ve never seen one before, either, but I’m sure someone, somewhere has thought of it. I used to have magnetic poetry on my fridge, but my newer fridge doesn’t have a surface it will stick to, plus, I didn’t really like it on my fridge. This is much more useful and inspiring…my afternoon “found poem”:

      Listen, Brilliant Woman,
      Harvest the Morning,
      Collect the Wind,
      Journey out like Song
      And embrace the Garden Universe.
      Go crazy.
      Be poetry.
      Be a symphony.
      Be delicious.

      haha….what would Emily think?

  2. How much did it all.cost? And time to create?
    And does your husband have amy simgke friemds?? I How awesome he made that for you!

    I want one for my Airbnb!”

    • emilydickinsonsgarden

      Hi Pauline. Thank you for the compliment! It has been a long time since he did this project, but from what we can remember, it was between $30 and $40 in supplies. Good luck! Let me know how it works out.

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