This blog started out as my journey designing and planting a garden from scratch. It’s inspired by Emily Dickinson’s gardening and poetry and all poetry, music, and spirituality, in general, with the goal of creating a “poetic space”. The pictures shared here come from my own garden.

Books I use as reference:

Emily Dickinson:

The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson by Thomas H. Johnson
Emily Dickinson’s Gardens: A Celebration of a Poet and Gardener by Marta McDowell
The Gardens of Emily Dickinson by Judith Farr
Master Letters of Emily Dickinson Editor R.W. Franklin
The Letters of Emily Dickinson edited by Thomas H. Johnson
Emily Dickinson’s Herbarium a facsimile of the original which is housed at Houghton Library Harvard College


Crocus & Colchicum by E.A. Bowles
Flower Families & Ancestors by Frederic E. Clements, Ph.D. & Edith S. Clements, Ph.D.
Aristocrats of the Garden by Ernest H. Wilson


The Poetry of Flowers
Emblems & Poetry of Flowers
The Bouquet: Containing the Poetry & Language of Flowers

The Wild Iris by Louise Gluck
Red Bird by Mary Oliver (and various other collections by Mary Oliver)


2 responses to “About

  1. I’ve just gotten “Herbarium – A Facsimile” and “The Gardens of Emily Dickinson.” Just found your blog and will try to do some reading here. I love that your site and your gardens were inspired by her.

  2. Cathie Caskey

    Hello, I think you have discovered EXACTELY what is so sad about today’s society. Children are not taught to care about every living thing and all the experiences in nature. I think you are so right that by teaching them about nature they would finally get the idea of respecting themselves and each other. You said it so eloquently in your April garden archive.
    I Wish we could “fix” society with your ideas. I’ve often wondered where we went so tragically wrong…..and never thought of this. I remember singing All Things Bright and Beautiful…….I’ll do my best to share your idea with anyone that will listen. With much gratitude, Cathie

    PS – I’m keeping this in my favorites!!~!!

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