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Glowing in her bonnet-
Glowing in her cheek-
Glowing is her Kirtle-
Yet she cannot speak.

Better as the Daisy
From the summer hill
Vanish unrecorded
Save by tearful rill-

Save by loving sunrise
Looking for her face.
Save by feet unnumbered
Pausing at the place.

Emily Dickinson

These are my Columbine I planted this Spring–the 10th anniversary of Columbine.


My children think it’s simply a flower–and nothing else. And that makes me very happy.


Because no flower should come to mean something other than what it is–hope, love, rebirth, survival, and beauty. Emily loved this flower–which grew in the New England woodlands. She grew it in her own garden.


I have these wonderful Columbine in my garden this year. They are lovely. I hope to get to know them better through many seasons in this home. And I hope that one day, like my kids, I only see the flower.