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Sunroom Addition

When my husband and I purchased our home almost five years ago, we bought a house in a field–no grass, trees, fences, gates, barns…nothing. The basement was just a concrete slab. Since then we’ve done all those things with the help of our kids.

When we toured the house, before buying it, we walked out on a very small deck and looked at each other and said–this will be one of the first things we change. Four and half years later, we finally got started.

Living through the cold Spokane winters, springs and falls, changed our dream even further. We started to imagine what life would be like with a sunroom–a place we could go during windy, rainy, snowy days and still experience our flowers and the outside. But it seemed like a very far off dream.

Luckily for us, that turned out not to be the case. My husband started to think it through and talk to others, and he realized he could do it himself…with the help of our sons–mostly his youngest, and to a smaller extent because of his other commitments, my youngest son…and YouTube.

Here are photos of the progression.

There’s still much more finish work to be done, but we’re almost there.

Building a Conservatory

Emily Dickinson’s Conservatory

One way I feel connected to Emily is the similar climates in which we nurture our gardens. There’s a great deal of the year that is cold. Like her, I’ve wanted a Conservatory.

This year my husband and I decided to get started on it.

We had the plans drawn up–$400.00, the permit purchased–$500.00 and the concrete footing poured–$500.00. Now we are in the process of getting bids on the materials–wood, windows, french doors.

It will largely be an outside room–a covered porch of sorts–but we’ll try to keep it always above freezing. In the spring and summer we’ll open the windows and doors and let the breeze blow through. In the late fall and winter we’ll close it up and allow only the light in.

Here is what’s growing in my garden in August.

Day Lily


Gay Feather